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World of Fighter

World of Fighter is a side-scrolling online game based on the history of the Three Kingdoms in China, where players can experience a series of historical battles with famous ancient heroes. The graphic of World of Fighter is neat and brilliant, with numerous astonishing scenes. World of Fighter brings the classic arcade gameplay into online gaming, its real-time combat system allows player to use stun skill, floating attack, backside attack and combined attack to defeat their opponents, and customize the key-pressing order for every skill to create their own combo. In addition of the gorgeous graphics and smooth gameplay, World of Fighter integrates numerous practical functions such as auto-navigating and Auction House systems, making the game even easier and fun! The weapon forging, jewel-crafting, item upgrading, and many other systems also make the entire item system flawless.


Game Features:


* Six widely different player classes - Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix and Tortoise along with other two classes expected to be released with upcoming expansion packs

* 24 specialization-classes (each class can specialize into 4 different specialization-classes) with their unique special skills, providing more options for players

* Based on the real Three Kingdoms history with theatrical stories

* All the in-game scenes are based on historical battles occurred in the Three Kingdoms period, bringing players back to the history

* Players can fight alongside the famous ancient heroes

* The unique "Key-Pressing" system allows player to customize the key-pressing order of every skill, making skills into a powerful and continuous combo

* The achievement system records every step of your adventure

* The title system does not only satisfy the players' need for showing their personalities, but also inspire them with the passion of exploring and colleting

* Auto-navigating, Auction House, and other user friendly systems, make your gaming experience easier and better

* Weapon forging, Jewel-crafting, Item upgrading, and many other item related systems

* The Legion you belong to will grow as your characters grow, bonding your community together, and fight for your Legion in the warring world

* Same game, different fun. While World of Fighter do bring you the old-school arcade feel, there are also some special mini-games that you cannot miss. Daily and weekly events make the game even interesting


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